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Pro Signature Steamstyler™

Pro Signature Steamstyler™

Introducing our new Pro Signature Lavender Collection. Tools designed to help you create salon looks at home. And of course, they’re a very aesthetic addition to your bathroom. Meet the Lavender Collection’s Curling Iron. Designed with a charcoal ceramic barrel that helps you turn down the frizz and turn up the shine! Plus, the barrel is available in two sizes (1-inch and 1.25-inches) for creating any style you can imagine. 1” barrel for sleek, bouncy curls /curls and 1.25” for loose waves. Multiple heat settings and a high heat reach up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit for great results on all hair types. Set your style tone with shiny & smooth straight, wavy, or curl styles.


The Pro Signature Steamstyler™. TLC for your hair with every use. Why steam? Do no harm with steam – 30 % less heat*Compared to HTST2575 – Hot Tools™ 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron, long-lasting hold, and healthy-looking hair. Steam gently surrounds strands and evenly heats hair to lock in styles.

Easily create your favorite looks from straight to curls with 1 ½” charcoal ceramic plates. Great for everyday use, especially for fresh 2nd-3rd day styling. The Steam Styler is for all hair types with 6 heat settings (up to 450˚ Fahrenheit).

Additional features include elongated cool tip, 1-hr. auto-shut off, plate locking switch, 6-ft. tangle-free swivel cord, and water bottle and heat resistant glove.

What Can This Do For My Hair?

  • Straighten with less heat. Combines steam and a larger plate surface that transfers heat equally around all sides of the hair follicle for straighter hair in less time.​

  • 1 1/2″ Charcoal Ceramic Plates are great on second hair day

  • 6 Heat Control Settings from 300ºF-450ºF for all hair types

  • Resovoir Holds Enough Water for 1-3 styling sessions

  • Good For straight or wavy hair

  • Universal dual voltage for travel

  • Styles with or without steam

Supporting Stylists

Hot Tools heritage is rooted in the professional community. This seal represents our ongoing commitment to supporting stylists. We’re proud we’ve been a trusted, stylist-recommended brand since we began in 1990.