Loved by Hot Tools Brand Ambassador, Nicole Scherzinger, beauty creators, and soon to be you! With less heat, more styles, and healthy-looking results, what’s not to love? Want to know more – keep reading!


  • How does steam work?

By giving your hair some TLC! Steam gently wraps around your hair and creates even heat for faster styling and to lock in styles and seal-in shine.

  • Will it damage my hair?

Say goodbye to the days of heat damage. Steam provides 30% less heat – you can set your temperature setting 1 to 2x lower than you usually do. And specialized plates let you glide with no snagging while styling.

  • Is the SteamStyler easy to use?   

The SteamStyler is fluent in effortless and is steam optional, so you get to choose! If you’re using steam, simply detach the heat reservoir from your styler and fill using the provided capsule. Then place the reservoir back in its place, set your temp and style. The steam will last up to 3 styling sessions.

  • Can you use it without Steam?

Yes, the SteamStyler can be used without the steam feature. If using without steam, the styler functions as a professional-grade flat iron.

  • Will it work for my hair?

Steam styling is the way to go for healthy-looking results, for all hair types. Six heat settings allow for total customization and combined with the powers of steam provide less damage.