Hot Tools University

HT Curlbar Launch

Launching in 2017

Hot Tools CurlBar

Curlbar a New Angle on Curls

XL Curling Irons

Create Long-Lasting Curls

Conditioning Flat Iron

Create smooth, frizz-free hairstyles

CurlBar - How To Use

How to create beautiful curls that last

Insta-Curl EZ Styler

Create fast, beautiful, easy curls

Curling Irons

For Long-Lasting Curls

Cleaning Your Iron

Learn how to clean your irons

Romantic Waves

Get gorgeous romantic waves

CurlBar - Tutorial

Beautiful curls without the strain

How To - Flat Iron

Achieve sleek and shiny straight hair

Hot Tools Deep Waver

Achieve beautiful mermaid waves

Modern Salon TV

Modern Salon TV Artist Session

CurlBar Self Use

Create gorgeous curls

Tourmaline Tools Dryer

Get the perfect blowout

CurlBar London Launch

Hot Tools launches Curlbar in London